By combining advanced, real-time building sensing technology with continuous Web-based building performance data acquisition and analysis, Aircuity has developed a building energy and indoor environment information platform that delivers cost effective, accurate and reliable knowledge on ventilation performance. Continuous data analysis helps building owners and facility managers reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while still maintaining a healthy indoor environment for occupants.


Workhorse product for warehouse, and industrial building ventilation, evaporative cooling and direct fired heating.

Applied Air

Applied Air is a manufacturer of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment ideal for controlling the temperature and quality of the indoor air in any commercial or industrial building. Our product mix includes packaged dedicated outdoor air systems and ventilation equipment, direct gas fired, indirect gas fired, air turnover, and evaporative cooling systems. Applied Air HVAC systems can provide makeup air, ventilation air, space heating, space cooling, or “green” cooling.


Autani Corporation is an independent "Clean Technology" company that develops and manufactures products to automate energy efficiency. Autani is proud to offer a full range of Lighting, HVAC, Plug Load, and Fan Management Systems that are supported by revenue grade metering and a secure, reliable wireless mesh network. Most of Autani's products are Made in the USA and are ARRA Complaint.

Automated Logic

Automated Logic designed and developed the industry-leading WebCTRL building automation system, an intuitive platform that provides real-time visibility and control of equipment, systems and facilities.


Aztec Indirect and Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling Units are an energy-efficient solution that creates an optimal environment for server performance while lowering your data center’s PUE.


C.A.D. is the first air conditioning company to manufacture semi-custom central station air handlers constructed entirely of fiber-reinforced polymer composites.


Building Automation and Energy Management, combining award-winning technology with innovative Smart Building Solutions to meet the needs of today's green-conscious facilities.


Dadanco, a leading manufacturer in today’s modern HVAC industry, was founded on innovation. Born in Australia, the initial breakthrough centered around a new nozzle design that allowed perimeter induction systems to operate more quietly and efficiently than ever before. Later, as popularity for Dadanco advancements grew in North America, more solutions followed to answer specific concerns resulting from rapidly rising energy costs as well as stricter environmental standards. Continually adapting to the evolving needs of specific customers remains an accepted challenge to our technology team and the source of our continuing development.

Flow Control

Flow Control manufactures valves and actuators. It helps customers achieve shut off and control in the fluid flow industry.

Hitachi Smartflex

Hitachi SmartFlex™ variable refrigerant flow systems achieve extremely high efficiencies by modulating the flow of refrigerant according to the exact demands of individual areas.


Ingenia is a leading-edge technologies company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality air handling units, from fast delivery modular units to fully custom projects.

M.K. Plastics

M.K. Plastics is a leader in the production of corrosion-resistant industrial and commercial blowers, fans and ventilation systems. Patented in several countries, M.K. Plastics innovative technologies are AMCA certified for performance and noise. M.K. Plastics fans and blowers are ideal for environments where there are problems with corrosion due to the contaminants in exhaust air including research facilities, clean rooms laboratories technology and chemical processing facilities.

MelRok Energy IoT

MelRok’s mission is to cloud-manage the assets of commercial buildings and optimize the use, operation and maintenance of these assets. MelRok helps to gather facility data, identify problems and automate action.


Leaders in local extractors for the laboratory environment, providing positional stability and user friendly design .

Phoenix Controls

Phoenix Controls is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of precision airflow control systems for use in critical room environments. Phoenix Controls offer innovative, technologically sound airflow and pressurization control solutions that combine unparalleled safety and performance with value and energy savings. Outmatch Outbreaks with Healthier Airflow with Phoenix Controls.

Sierra Fresh Air Systems

The Sierra Customer Service team has been specifying Natural Gas Heat Pumps since 2005 and Propane units since 2009. We are able to specify solutions that include our preferred partners’ Natural Gas or Propane electric generators. If you have a preferred electrical generator manufacturer, we can assist you in determining the right unit to support your Sierra GHP adjusted HVAC electrical load.

Smart Fog

Smart Fog® is the leading manufacturer of dry fog commercial humidifiers.


Steril-Aire is the global leader in high-output ultraviolet germicidal solutions for improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Installed in new or existing HVAC systems, Steril-Aire’s UVC Emitter® germicidal lamps keep HVAC coils and drain pans clean, reducing energy consumption and costly cleaning programs. Using the proven power of germicidal UVC energy as an effective inactivation method for microorganisms, UVC Emitters improve HVAC environmental hygiene, making a vital contribution to indoor air quality.  Steril-Aire and UVC Help Safeguard Against Corona Virus.

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