Quality Engineered Solutions.
Critical Air Flow Control, Indoor Air Quality Control and HVAC TAB are integral components in enabling ZES to provide end users with quality engineered solutions.



Hospitals and outpatient facilities must comply with regulatory standards regarding air change rates, outdoor air exchange rates and pressurization. Patient populations in hospitals and some outpatient facilities often contain some of the most vulnerable patients, it is imperative for these systems to be reliable, redundant, and maintainable.

Healthcare facilities are unique, they require high amounts of airflow pressure relationships between their spaces and filtration to prevent hospital acquired infections. Testing, controlling and maintaining various room temperature and relative humidity ranges are vital for safe and comfortable environment.


To maintain safe laboratory environments, laboratories require constant ventilation of outside air. However, outside air, to be properly conditioned remains a costly proposition. ZES can greatly reduce the cost of outside airflow by working with laboratory owners and our Phoenix Controls product line to deliver significant energy savings.  

Fume hood controls maintain a constant face velocity needed to provide containment. Properly designed laboratory controls also provide significant energy savings.

Laboratory hoods and biosafety cabinets are the primary means of controlling hazardous exposures to laboratory personnel. ZES works systematically to evaluate and address facilites and their systems to ensure a healthy environment. 

Commercial Spaces

Meeting environmental requirements for buildings is becoming increasingly important. Energy consumption related to HVAC systems is a significant component of the overall energy consumption required to operate a building. Using energy efficient air handlers is one step towards reducing those operational costs.


Vivariums have rigorous ventilation and strict temperature guidelines, humidity, and room pressurization needs. 


As commercial building codes and regulations mandate increasingly efficient commercial HVAC equipment, ZES has gone beyond by offering products, performing the installation of the product and offering maintenance, that provide optimal occupant comfort and health while often far exceeding energy-efficiency requirements.

Energy Retrofit

Energy retrofits focus on system upgrades for energy efficiency, replacement, or substitution of new or modernized equipment parts and systems to better their energy efficiency. The retrofits primary focus is indoor air quality while helping to deliver lower monthly utility bills and a better environment.

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