Zaretsky Engineering Solutions.
Zaretsky Engineering Solutions has built its reputation on over 40 years of experience providing engineering and technical field services for Smart Buildings. We are a one-stop solutions provider for design professionals, mechanical contractors, building owners and end users. Zaretsky Engineering Solutions focuses on Building Management Systems, Building Systems Commissioning, Critical Air Flow Control, Indoor Air Quality Control, and HVAC Testing Adjusting and Balancing. ZES services a cross-section of industries that include: Hospitals, Laboratories, Commercial Spaces, Vivariums, Schools, Pharmaceuticals, and Petrol-chemical facilities. With extensive knowledge of the Smart Buildings space, we can effectively eliminate potential costly issues that may arise while providing safety and comfort to each user. Our niche area of expertise and unique approach to providing solutions, unparalleled support and customer service has secured our position in the marketplace.

Our clients serve as a testament to our expertise. When challenging scenarios arise, ZES is the first call to find the solution. We have a proven record of exceptional performance and long-term client relationships. Please visit our projects and view some of our accomplishments.

ZES is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE). We are proud of our exceptional reputation and look forward to working with you on future projects.




What We Provide

  • Energy efficiency and security are the cornerstone of Smart Buildings. Constructed on the BACnet®­ backbone, ZES can seamlessly intergrate the strengths of several subsystems and provide a customized building management system platform. 


  • Our control solutions can help simplify building and energy management by integrating HVAC, lighting, access control and other building systems in to one central platform.


  • NEBB Certified Professionals for all TAB and HVAC requirements.


  • Expert Commissioning services for laboratory buildings, bio-safety labs, vivariums, clean rooms, and other building spaces that require air pressurization.


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